Key Programs and Concepts

The Wilson Language System is a comprehensive three-tiered program focused on literacy training for grades K-5. Ensuring the foundations of literacy in the primary grades creates a solid stepping stone for reading comprehension and writing in upper elementary and secondary grades. For students requiring more intensive training, the Wilson system offers a specialized program focusing on individual training with an instructor.

With the Math U See® curriculum, we focus on a Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract Progression. This K-5 program relies heavily on manipulatives and visual representation for foundational learning. It is a mastery-based course with fewer concepts to allow more in-depth explanations. Not only will students learn to understand and solve problems, they will also understand and explain the process of solving problems. Students will gain confidence as they discover the process is just as important as the product. The curriculum is geared towards differentiation and can be molded in different ways to fit various learning styles.

Social learning is a vital component of any curriculum.  Understanding the rules for social thinking enhances reading comprehension and application of skills across all subjects. Social learning will be incorporated into every subject.

Through Project Based Learning (PBL) our students will question, think, research, discover, and solve real life situations. PBL engages students to collect and present data. We will assist students in gaining important life skills including research, problem solving, collaboration, and conflict resolution. Project Based Learning can be experienced in each subject area and will include community service. Project Based Learning truly is creating and understanding the big picture through a real-life lens.

Shurley English is a structured and repetitive grammar curriculum for grades 1-7. Students learn to identify parts of a sentence by asking a series of questions that build on one another as students master each concept. Students practice editing and correcting grammar as well as mastering key vocabulary words. Shurley English also uses fun jingles as a way of memorizing various language building blocks. Students emerge from this curriculum with fundamental skills to use in composition.

Learning is a Partnership

All of us are key players on a team that provide encouragement and discipline for children with learning differences.  Communication is vital and the parents of TAMRA Learning Academy students can expect frequent updates on their child’s progress.   We invite parents to share their observations, ideas and concerns so we can know how to best serve the challenges their children face.  The individualized learning pathways we develop embrace the concept that parents and families are integral to every child’s success.